A tattered soul too bruised to fly?

On razor thin wings, a chance to glide.

Translucent, fragile, barely there;

gather courage to ride the air.

Slimmest hope, improbable beating;

gravity defied, dreams repeating.

Color and pattern catch the sun;

Flying faster than the devil can run.

With a touch of madness and blessing of angels;

The dead arise, impossibility strangles.

White as snow, washed of sin;

The torn can soar again and again.

~ RhS ~



I’m sorry you never discovered me

waiting at the bottom of a whiskey bottle.

Only when I emptied my own glass

did my disappointment reveal all you’d hoped to find.

A Pin Drops

Silence is when fear creeps in,

doubt and confusion go walking.

What fool said it was golden?

He should’ve known it was cold and

keep talking, my love, just keep talking.


I stand between you and pitch-black

leagues both deep and dreary.

I illuminate evils lurking at your back;

when eclipsed, you miss me dearly.

I shower your face with sparks of light;

a painted canvas bold and eerie.

I mirror day in the darkest of night;

when eclipsed, you miss me dearly.

I rise when brightness is destined to set;

glowing full yet distant and leary.

We kiss where sky and earth are met;

when eclipsed, you miss me dearly.

I tug firmly at your restless waters;

sad but neither tired nor teary.

I save the innocent from your slaughters;

when eclipsed, you miss me dearly.

You turn in my direction and howl a tune,

but, my friend, I’m more than a theory.

I may never fall from your slice of sky, but clearly …

you’re not why God made the moon.


A layered heart blessed and cursed;

if you’re crushed, I skip a beat first.

Every finger holds a match to set me aflame;

friend, foe, or stranger … I burn the same.

You fall down and tears sting my eyes;

blind to my own scars – betrayal and lies

wrap me in sorrow – but I’m tied with a bow.

velvet on top and steel down below.

Unbreakable, bulletproof; how cruel is this fate?

To love on and on in a sea of blank hate.

tossed like a grenade, so casually,

to waves of wolves who feel nothing for me.


In blackest times our love burns bright.

Blindfold, blindside, rose-colored glasses keep sight

of an alien sun in the dead of night.

Among flames there’s no difference ‘tween darkness and light.

We’re a force for the pure of heart to fight.

You and I

are nothing.

But a wildfire.

Touched Up

A million scenes kept in my heart;

developed into works of art.

Nostalgia swims in sepia tones

to drown the pain of life become bones.

Anger’s framed in scarlet and hung

’til justice is served and vengeance sung.

Sadness sleeps in black and white;

blurred lines and edges soften the sight.

Joyful moments are polaroid prints –

laughing and waving in rainbow tints.

Each one different but never new;

my pictures, love, are all of you.


You wonder at my silence

and where my mind does roam.

I marvel my scars can’t convince

you shelter’s not at home.

When your blade starts falling

blindly, for freedom I must flee;

for cover diving, dashing, crawling,

if you looked close you’d see …

I’m tangled tight in your arms,

love, but my heart’s a refugee.

For Granted

Pray your bravado might skate by

though thawed ice is wearing thin.

Creaking and cracking, lies can’t hide

the cavernous places you’ve been.

Assume I’ll pull you frozen

from waters deep and cold.

Your heart’s desire, I’m your chosen

fire when glaciers fail to hold.

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