You might catch us when the sun departs –

two wild and broken beating hearts.

Sugar on velvet, stars kiss the sky –

too polite to approve of he and I.

We’re brazen fireworks burst into flame –

too furious and fleeting to call by name.

Soon we’re just smoke smudging the moon –

hanging on nothing, dreaming of noon.

If you by chance glance away or turn a deaf ear –

you’d never guess lovers once burned to ashes here.

~ RhS ~


Four years gone,

though I stopped counting

when minutes grew long

and miles kept mounting.

If the Pearly Gates are real then paint me a picture.

Send a restless angel with wings to deliver.

I’ll show it to a boy with your blue eyes:

your legacy, your victory, your last surprise.

I’ll send my own sketch back to Heaven

of another soul you know, already seven.

If given a choice, would you take my advice?

For us … would you run from paradise?

~ RhS ~




She’s not a Christmas present

waiting up for him all night –

wrapped in satin, sitting smug

among bulbs burning bright.

She’s not a birthday candle

setting herself on fire –

dancing, melting as he wishes

on a song from his choir.

She’s not a wreath upon his door,

the hostess of his show –

glittering, smiling, frozen,

forgotten in the cold.

But she is a bit of good fortune

hidden a hundred places –

sealed with kisses, tucked away

in a basket of saving graces.

She’s painted up and delicate;

sweet secrets to find, she begs.

In plain sight, sitting on his fence …

her heart’s an Easter egg.

~ RhS ~


Itching for a fight, you came upon a girl –

torn into pieces like a cut rose unfurled.

You howled at the cracks running deep through her skin;

kicked at her fragments ’til they shattered again.

But the eye plays tricks, and the mind spins delusion.

That shredded up girl’s a shaky illusion.

I’m breath on your neck; a tap on your shoulder –

whole as a boulder with fists full of smolder.

Pictures tell lies, and mistakes need correction.

In a broken mirror, you killed my reflection.

~ RhS ~

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